From a sixteen year old playing in the Denver Symphony to an established Hollywood flutist playing at the Academy Awards with Celine Dion, Sheridon Stokes has made a lifelong career through his excellence as a flutist. He can be heard in the studios of Disney, Fox, Universal, Columbia, Paramount…  through the soundtracks accompanying the movies you are watching, and even through your local radio. His legacy as a flutist transcends generations and time, yet is still as exciting today as it was the day he began.

The song “My Heart Will Go On” sang by Celine Dion for the Academy Awards … he played recorder. The flute solo in the original Mission Impossible TV show theme song … that was him. The classic score from the world famous musical The Sound of Music … Sheridon played piccolo on it. He played the Chinese flute on Kung Fu. The music accompanying the Fox cartoon Family Guy … he plays flute in the scoring stage. Sheridon Stokes has had an impressive career, and lucky for us, he isn’t stopping any time soon.

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Sheridon is classically trained, and highly respected among his peers, yet he possesses the rare ability to play all genres of music–making his coaching method highly desirable and relevant…

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From iconic Hollywood film scores, to country pop albums, his lifetime of experience and expertise as a musician will leave you entertained, informed, and inspired…

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Aside from hearing Sheridon on hundreds of recordings for the Motion Picture and TV industry, you can also check out his own recordings as well as his books and sheet music…

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San Diego music club lecture on film music march 2014 150 150 Sheridon Stokes

San Diego music club lecture on film music march 2014

Concerts in the Castle 150 150 Sheridon Stokes

Concerts in the Castle

“Concerts in the Castle” presents the Mozart Flute quartet and Roussel trio Sunday Nov. 10th 3:30 p.m. Glendale, Ca  

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The Ten Commandments… 539 634 Sheridon Stokes

The Ten Commandments…

This list was prepared one day at  CBS during an impromptu discussion to find ways for oboist, Alan Vogel, to become a recording musician.  The…

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