Recording Musician

The Ten Commandments…

The Ten Commandments… 539 634 Sheridon Stokes

This list was prepared one day at  CBS during an impromptu discussion to find ways for oboist, Alan Vogel, to become a recording musician.  The date was sometime in the early 1980’s.  After realizing what he must do to succeed as a recording artists, he seemed to lose interest…

The Ten Commandments for Certain Success as a Recording Musician

  1. You assume everyone is trying to take your job.
  2. You act mildly seductive to all composers and contractors.
  3. You demand to be the center of attention (questions, jokes, excessive noise, showing up one minute before the downbeat, etc.).
  4. You evaluate what everyone can do for you and rate their importance to you.
  5. You adopt a cunning, scheming, calculating attitude at all times, but never show it.
  6. You assume all jobs are yours and act very offended when you are not called.
  7. You pretend to be concerned about the welfare of your colleagues (on the same instrument of course) in order to expose their weaknesses.
  8. You laugh loudly at all contractors and composers’ jokes.
  9. You pretend you are desperately in need of every job even if you have a million dollars in the bank.
  10. You have no independent social life; all your friends are in the music business.