My Return from the Army and the Sound of Music…

My Return from the Army and the Sound of Music… 250 345 Sheridon Stokes

Being in LA was quite an adjustment after Europe and the army. I got used to the slower pace in Europe and it seemed like madness how fast everyone moved in LA and New York. It took a while to decide what to do. My father, being a practical man suggested I sell insurance, but that did not appeal to me in any way.

I took any job I could get, including playing clarinet in a Polka band at Disneyland and working with the Mills Bros. at the Anaheim bowl on baritone saxophone. It was there that I learned to breathe properly on the flute. After 2 weeks of playing baritone I picked up the flute and got a huge sound on the flute. I was utterly amazed. I had a lesson in breath control and support whether I liked it or not.

I slowly worked my way back into the studios and was featured in albums by Gordon Jenkins including “All Alone” with Frank Sinatra and “Soul of the People” (a wonderful arrangement of Jewish Folk songs by Jenkins). Sinatra had just come from Ernie Kovac’s funeral and was obviously very sad. His sadness added to the album. The album is not well known, but is beautifully recorded with Jenkins amazing arrangements.

Sound_of_music I also played lst flute on the movie “the Collector” because Arthur Gleghorn had a cold sore on this lip and could only play alto flute. The score was by Maurice Jarre whom I subsequently worked with for 35 years playing lst flute on such movies as “Grand Prix,” “Ghosts,” and “A Walk in the Clouds”. At Fox studios we recorded “The Sound of Music” and “Cleopatra” in the early 1960s. Julie Andrews was of course on stage as we recorded with her. We did “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and Burt Bacharach sang “Raindrops are Falling on my Head” with his unique voice.