• Sheridon Stokes Musician Flutist Family Guy 20th Century Fox

    Sheridon Stokes

    2015 Academy Awards Orchestra
    Capitol Records Recording Studio

Session Work

Sheridon Stokes is a coveted studio musician and has worked on hundreds of film, TV, and album scores. Check out his vast and ongoing body of work...

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From iconic Hollywood film scores, to country pop albums, his lifetime of experience and expertise as a musician will leave you amazed, entertained, and inspired...

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Sheridon is classically trained, and highly respected among his peers, yet he possesses the rare ability to play all genres of music--making his coaching method highly desirable and relevant.

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Lecture: My Life…

“My Life in the Hollywood Recording Studios, 50 plus years”


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Concerts in the Castle

“Concerts in the Castle” presents the Mozart Flute quartet and …

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The Ten Commandments…

This list was prepared one day at  CBS during an impromptu discussion to find…

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